Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

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Melanie Kreuzer (Sambhav Nepal Schweiz)

Melanie Kreuzer (Sambhav Nepal Schweiz)

Since childhood , Melanie always felt intrigued by Nepal and the Himalayas. Nonetheless, born and raised in Switzerland, she never had the chance to go to Nepal. In 2007 she finally got that opportunity and spent one month traveling, climbing and trekking in Nepal with a close friend. Her love for the country, the mountains and the people compelled her to return back to Nepal many more times. On each visit she spent a few months in the Himalayas, during which she got to know Prem (the founder of Sambhav Nepal) personally although they were in regular contact on a professional capacity. In early 2008, she joined Sambhav and has since visited Arupokhari/Ratmate (Prem’s village) on a number of occasions with an aim to provide education- and health-based support.

In 2015, after the earthquake (and its aftershocks) that devastated Nepal, Melanie registered and founded Sambhav Nepal – Schweiz in Switzerland to help the earthquake victims of Gorkha and rebuild the boarding house/hostel for Bhawani Higher Secondary School.

Since then Melanie and her organization have become the most important partner and supporter of Sambhav Nepal. She is the initiator and leader of many projects which we have completed and are currently running. To name a few: relief supplies to the earthquake victims, Bhawani Higher Secondary School Boarding House (Himali Chhatrabas), reconstructing Bhairabi Primary School, Tracksuit & Bag Distribution, economic upliftment via coffee plantation, PCL Medical Courses scholarships, Himalayan Ambulance, Rebuild Home Gorkha, Covid-19 food and medical goods distributions program, and so on and so forth.

Under her guidance and leadership, we are planning many projects for the people of Gorkha. It will take several years to start and execute these projects, and once completed, these projects will enormously change countless lives in Gorkha. It is because of her support and constant efforts that Sambhav Nepal has been able to bring positive changes and will do so for a long time.

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