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Gorkha School Toilet Project

On 10 July 2014, Mr. Rajendra Babu Dhakal, the head of the Bhimodaya Source Centre, who looks after 40 government and public schools in Gorkha District, inaugurated the new toilets of Gorkha Community School. The headmasters, the managements, and the students of various schools, as well as the villagers of different villages attended the inauguration.

Gorkha Community School Toilets’ Project was one of the important projects of Sambhav Nepal till today.

The project took place in four different local community schools of Arupokhari and Aru Chanaute village development committees in Gorkha District of Nepal.

The schools of Aru Pokhari are Bal Udaya Primary School (Ward No 1), Gyan Bhumi Primary School (Ward No 2) and Dubar Higher Secondary School (Ward No 4), and the school of Aru Chanaute is the Primary Section of Siddha Devi Higher Secondary School (Ward No 7).

How it Started?

During a Teacher Training Program in 2011 and 2012 at Dharapani Secondary School, two active Australian Rotarians, Richard Jackson and Peter Kindred, who were leading the training, visited every school of the Gorkha District. They found that every school lacked proper toilet, and they decided to solve this problem with the help of two Australian Rotary Clubs. One situated in Chatswood and one in Wahroonga. Both Australian Rotatory Clubs collaborated with the Rotatory Club of mt. Everest of Lalitpur of Nepal, to start the Toilet Project in Gorkha.

National and International Supporters

The project was successful due to the contributions of both the national and the international supporters.

Local Partner Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Mt. Everest of Lalitpur of Nepal is the local partner, which contributes to the Toilet Project of Gorkha. The club also has played a major role in approving the Library Projects of the schools of Dharapani by collaborating with Rotary Australia World Community Service. This community service was established in 2000 AD and has participated in many national and international social activities.

Sambhav Nepal, the local NGO of Nepal, conducted the overall construction of the toilets in four community schools. The project started in the month of February and ended in July.

The Rotary Club of Wahroonga

The Rotary Club of Wahroonga is one of the largest Rotary clubs of the northern Sydney, Australia. It currently has over 60 members from different occupations and from different backgrounds. The Rotary Club of Wahroonga is a full supporter of Sambhav Nepal’s Project, especially Multi-Year School Improvement.

The Rotary Club of Chatswood

The Rotary Club of Chatswood Inc was chartered on 29 July, 1948 and has been continuously active in its communities service.

It has been helping Sambhav Nepal to achieve its prime objectives by supporting the activities in the remote villages of Gorkha and by helping in future projects through its rotary matching grant policy.

The outcome of the project is remarkable. All the four blocks built in the four different school have 3 toilets rooms each with water tanked installed. The toilets are used by 1,200 students, as well as by 80 teachers of 4 schools. The people have benefitted from the project, as well as the people are aware of sanitation.

What the Locals say about this Project?

“We, the whole school team, are very thankful towards National and International Rotary Clubs and towards Sambhav Nepal for their noble efforts. Without their support, nothing would have been possible. Our students and teachers now can practice safe sanitation due to the newly-built toilets.”

– Tuk Maya Baramu, the Headmaster of Bal Uaday Primary School

“Having the toilet in school has made us girls comfortable. Now we can maintain proper sanitation with very less chances of contracting any health hazards. We can be cleaner and more hygienic.”

– Rupa Sapkota, a student from Siddha Devi Higher Secondary School

The management team of Sambhav Nepal would like to show humble thanks for understanding the importance of toilet in the community school and making this project possible and successful. Thanks a lot to all our supporters!

Rotary Club

Rotary Club of Mt. Everest Lalitpur team at the site for Starting the Project


Photos of the Construction period of the Toilets

The inaguration of the toilet Project

The inaguration of the toilet Project

The Toilets after Completion of the construction work

The Toilets after Completion of the construction work