Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

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Craig Ley

Craig Ley is one of the reputed businessman of Australia and was one of the participants of recent Gorkha Charity trek -2013. He personally visited various schools of Gorkha and donated items like Stationaries, soccer ball, volleyball net and many more to schools and local children. Craig has tremendously  supported Sambhav Nepal in its various social projects.

Recently during his visits to various schools, he was touched by the unfavorable condition of the Bhawani Higher Secondary School in Manbu and decided to help the infrastructure for its hostel by providing materials like qualitative blankets, carpets, mattress and curtains. The hostel accommodates more than 42 students. Craig without any doubt has been one of the key supporters of Sambhav Nepal and  is always willing to continue his support & helping hand in the future.