Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Hostel of Bhawani Higher Secondary School

The hostel of Bhawani Higher Secondary School was established in 2052 BS (1995 AD) in Ward No. 2, Manbu Village of Arughat Rural Municipality, Gorkha district. The counting of years in Nepal is done in BS, which means Bikram Sambat. This calendar is 57 years ahead of the English calendar AD (Anno Domini).

The hostel was built especially for students who had to cover long distances on foot to attend school. It had to close down during the Maoist insurgency period and only came into operation in 2067 BS (2010 AD). The hostel has 80 boarders, 2 wardens and 1 helper. The boarders are mostly students from distant villages which have no schools. Unfortunately the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 25th 2015, with Gorkha at the epicenter, destroyed the entire hostel building.

After the earthquake, Sambhav Nepal visited many villages in Northern Gorkha to assess the extent of the damage and offer assistance to the communities with the immediate focus being on distributing food to the villages and providing temporary shelters to the schools. It was during these visits we identified that the hostel of Bhawani Higher Secondary School needs to be reconstructed and brought back into operation.

During the earthquake, the hostel lost its bedrooms and kitchen. Dining hall and toilets were still standing but needed repairing. Immediately after the earthquake, two temporary rooms were made from bamboo and tins for the students to stay (we had distributed 600 tins to the school in one of our earthquake relief trips). Those quarters are shelters, neither protecting the boarders from the cold in winter, nor from the rains in monsoon.

Since we don’t have the entire necessary funds, we are constructing Bhawani Hostel in different phases. The project already has approval from concerned government authorities such as District Office of Gorkha and Social Welfare Council of Nepal.

Phases & New Buildings

The hostel needs new buildings to keep the students. In Phase I, we built a four-room block, which is the new home for the girls. The project is ongoing. It still needs:

  • Students’ sleeping quarter with 4 rooms for the boys → Phase II
  • 1 staff quarter that accommodates 3 beds → Phase III
  • 1 staff toilet and 1 staff bathroom → Phase III
  • 4 toilets and 3 bathroom (For girls and for boys separately – total 8 toilets and 6 bathrooms) → Phase IV
  • 1 full furnished dining hall and kitchen → Phase IV
  • 1 full furnished living hall with TV and computer room → Phase IV
  • Surrounding, garden & fencing → Phase IV

In the new building for the hostel, the girls will use the ground floor and the boys will be accommodated in the first floor. Each room will have 5 bunk beds for 10 students. Each quarter will have capacity for 40 students, which allows in total to accommodate 80 students. The staff quarter will have space for 3 staff members.


The hostel needs following furniture:

  • 20 bunk beds in 4 rooms (in Phase I, we already bought 20 bunk beds.)
  • 40 sets of bed sheet (2 pieces), mattress, pillow and blanket (in Phase I, we already bought 40 sets.)
  • 3 staff beds and 3 sets of bet sheet (2 pieces), mattress, pillow and blanket
  • Lockers for the students (boys) to store their books and clothes (in Phase I, we already bought the lockers for the girls.)
  • Sofa sets, computer and other living room things
  • Cooking equipment
  • Benches and long tables for open dining hall
  • Carpeting for quarters, living hall and dining hall (in Phase I, we already bought carpets for the girls’ quarter.)
  • Others

3D Design of the Hostel

Bhawani Hostel Design

Completion of Phase I

On May 2nd, we held an inauguration ceremony for the successful completion of the girls quarter, which was the first phase of the hostel rebuild project. Happily and proud, the girls could move into their new home. The ceremony had the presence of Melanie Kreuzer (our main donor), Bruno Ruedisueli and our founder Prem K Khatry. Moreover, Melanie had brought solar lights, a donation she offered in cooperation with, so that the hostel can use them whenever there is a power outage.

We have received the commitment from our main donor for the second phase of the project. We will start Phase II when the 2017 monsoon ends, which is around mid September. In this phase, we will add a second floor on top of the girls quarter, which will consist of 4 rooms for the boys.

Progress Update – February 2017

Back in November 2016, we started building the foundation for the hostel. By February 2017, we had finished the foundation, which is considered 30% of the entire construction, and have continued erecting walls and pillars. You can see in the images above how the progress has been made.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony – April 2016

A year after the earthquake, on April 25th 2016, we organized a foundation stone (cornerstone) ceremony – an event with traditional importance. In the program, attended by the Building Construction Company for the school and hostel, our founder Prem K Khatry laid the foundation stone as per Hindu traditions. This marks the beginning of the construction of this project. In the ceremony, Prem instructed the Building Construction Committee not to compromise on the materials for the buildings.

Relief Aid Program – May 2015

In May, shortly after the April 25 Nepal Earthquake, we visited Manbu village and distributed 7,500 kg rice (250 sacks x 30kg) to the affected villagers. During the same first-aid-trip, we visited the Bhawani Higher Secondary School of Manbu and obtained its post-earthquake status. At that time, after evaluating their immediate needs, we distributed 50 bundles of aluminum roofing sheets for building temporary rooms which will provide shelter for the monsoon that was going to start very soon. Those sheets were used to make 2 temporary rooms for the hostel students.