Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Hostel of Bhawani Higher Secondary School

The Bhawani Higher Secondary School is the biggest school in this region and it provides education to students from more than twenty surrounding villages. The main school building and the school’s hostel was destroyed by the earthquake. While the school building is being built by the British Gorkha Welfare, Sambhav Nepal has taken the responsibility to complete the building of the hostel block.

The hostel of Bhawani Higher Secondary School was established in 2052 BS (1995 AD) in Ward No. 2, Manbu Village of Arughat Rural Municipality (previously Manbu VDC), Gorkha district. The hostel was built especially for students who had to cover long distances on foot to attend school. It had to close down during the bloody Maoist insurgency period and only came into operation on 2067 BS (2010 AD). After it was reopened, the hostel had 40 boarders, 2 wardens and 1 helper. The boarders were mostly students from distant villages which had no schools. Unfortunately the devastating earthquake that rocked Nepal on 25th April 2015, with Gorkha at the epicenter, destroyed the entire hostel building. As the students staying at the hostel were left without shelter, Sambhav Nepal built a temporary shelter for them immediately after the earthquake. The organization, with the funds received from generous donors is building a safe and earthquake-resistant hostel building for the boarders in this remote village. The school hostel when completed will offer accommodation for those students who have to walk long distances (3 hours to 5 days walk) to come to school.

Sambhav Nepal’s Bhawani Higher Secondary School hostel project began with a small number of 42 students availing the facilities of the hostel. Since we started the project in 2016, there has been a sharp increase in the number of students seeking accommodation at the school’s hostel. Now we are pleased to inform our donors that the current number of students using the hostel facilities stands at 105 (as of October 2017).

Bhawani Higher Secondary School has become a sought after educational institution in the region where students vie to get admission as it is located near the only college in the region offering higher education and most importantly, a course in ‘Agriculture’. The college at Manbu is newly established and has the support of the government. The establishment of the college has brought a ray of hope to poor students who wish to continue their higher education without having to leave their mountain homes and spending a large sum in the city for higher education.

As we are expecting almost the double number of students, another building (with an additional 8 rooms) needs to be constructed. The land for the new building has already been finalized by Sambhav Nepal and lies next to the existing hostel building. We will begin construction of this new building once we receive enough funds for the construction. When the entire construction is completed, we will have a fully furnished, modern and safe school accommodation that can accommodate 150 to 160 students and 3 staff members to look after the boarders and ensure the smooth operation of the hostel.

Our needs and target for the next phase are:

  • Spacious kitchen, large enough to prepare food for 150 plus students.
  • Fencing to cover the whole hostel area.
  • New dormitory room block (double-storied building, 8 rooms– 4 rooms on the ground floor and 4 rooms on the first floor).
  • Furnishings for the new block (curtains, beds, mattresses, blankets, tables, chairs, cupboards, carpets etc.)
  • 4 toilets and 3 bathrooms (for new building)
  • Biogas plant in the toilet for cooking food for the hostel
  • 1 large dining hall.
  • 1 large living hall plus computer lab.
  • Staff quarters with separate toilet and bathroom.

3D Design of the Hostel

Bhawani Aerial Design

The Bhawani Higher Secondary School Hostel project began with a small number of 42 students availing the facilities of the hostel. Since we started the project in 2016 there has been a sharp increase in the number of students seeking accommodation at the school’s hostel. Now we are pleased to inform our donors that the current number of students using the hostel facilities stands at 105 (as of October 2017). While girls are accommodated in the new building, the boys are staying in the temporary shelter (built with corrugated aluminum sheets). By April 2018 when the new session begins, we hope to admit 150 plus students at the hostel. The government has also extended its support to the hostel by

Phase II

After successfully completing phase I, We started phase II from November 2017. In this phase the construction of second floor consisting of 4 rooms for the accommodation of 40 male boarders has been ongoing. The construction of 4 toilets and 3 bathrooms will be started by early February. Along with the toilets and bathrooms, furnishing for the rooms which includes attaching curtains, beds, mattresses, blankets, tables, chairs, cupboards, carpets and all the other necessary items will be completed too.

Phase I

Due to the lack of sufficient fund to undertake the reconstruction of the entire hostel at once, we decided the right way forward is to build it in different phases. While we were still receiving funds, we started with Phase I.

On April 25th 2016, one year after the devastating earthquake, we laid the foundation stone with a puja, (an auspicious ritual according to Nepali culture). Our objective for Phase I was to build a four-room block for the girls. We started the construction in November 2016 and completed it in April 2017. On May 2nd, we organized the inauguration ceremony for the new 4 rooms block in the presence of our founder Prem K Khatry, Melanie Kreuzer (our main partner and president of Sambhav Nepal Switzerland) and her assistant Bruno Ruedisueli.

Each room has the capacity of 5 bunk beds for 10 boarders. Now, the newly built modern and earthquake-resistant block accommodates 40 girls.

Progress Update – February 2017

Back in November 2016, we started building the foundation for the hostel. By February 2017, we had finished the foundation, which is considered 30% of the entire construction, and have continued erecting walls and pillars. You can see in the images above how the progress has been made.

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony – April 2016

A year after the earthquake, on April 25th 2016, we organized a foundation stone (cornerstone) ceremony – an event with traditional importance. In the program, attended by the Building Construction Company for the school and hostel, our founder Prem K Khatry laid the foundation stone as per Hindu traditions. This marks the beginning of the construction of this project. In the ceremony, Prem instructed the Building Construction Committee not to compromise on the materials for the buildings.

Relief Aid Program – May 2015

In May, shortly after the April 25 Nepal Earthquake, we visited Manbu village and distributed 7,500 kg rice (250 sacks x 30kg) to the affected villagers. During the same first-aid-trip, we visited the Bhawani Higher Secondary School of Manbu and obtained its post-earthquake status. At that time, after evaluating their immediate needs, we distributed 50 bundles of aluminum roofing sheets for building temporary rooms which will provide shelter for the monsoon that was going to start very soon. Those sheets were used to make 2 temporary rooms for the hostel students.