Sambhav Nepal - Possibility knows no bounds...

Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

It's Possible

Sambhav Nepal, founded and registered in Nepal and led by Prem K Khatry, wants to achieve grassroots reforms in education, poverty, health and sanitation, empowerment of women, various youth clubs, vocational skills and training programs to uplift the living condition of the people of Gorkha district. We are focused in Gorkha because our founder is a native of Gorkha and wants to give back to his communities.

Sambhav Nepal – Schweiz, which is the main partner and supporter of Sambhav Nepal, was founded and registered by Melanie Kreuzer in Switzerland in 2015 after the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal. Melanie has been supporting Sambhav Nepal since 2008, but starting from 2015, she has become our most important partner. She is the planner, initiator and leader of many of the projects. Because of her efforts, Sambhav Nepal is expanding, operating multiple large and small projects, and bringing huge positive changes in Gorkha.

After the 2015 earthquake, our focus centered on helping the affected communities of Gorkha by rebuilding schools, houses and drinking water systems as well as relief food supplies, sanitation, volunteering and so on.

Since the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, our main focus is on  emergency response: distributing relief food supplies to needy families, and medical supplies (hand sanitizers, thermal guns, hand washing soap, reusable cotton surgical masks and viral transport mediums) to local villagers, community schools and health workers to prevent the spread of the virus.

Our joint team led by Melanie Kreuzer in Switzerland and Prem K Khatry in Nepal are planning several philanthropic projects for the people of Gorkha.


Projects in Progress

Personal Hygiene Kits Thumbnail

Personal Hygiene Kits

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Himalayan Ambulance thumb

Himalayan Ambulance

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Tracksuit & Bag Distribution

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Devi Jal Kumari Lower Secondary School

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Bhairabi Primary School

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PCL Medical Courses

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During the second wave of COVID-19, we provide 6 4WD Ambulances with Medical Supplies to Gorkha District. Additionally, 7 4WD Ambulances were provided in Phase II of the Himalayan Ambulance Project.

How it Started

In a trip to Everest Base Camp in 2006, guide Prem K Khatry met Australian citizen Allan Waldon. They became friends and started brainstorming ideas to help the backward communities of Nepal. So, in 2007, Prem established Sambhav Nepal with the help of Allan. In Nepali language, Sambhav means possible.

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