Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Himalayan Ambulance

Himalayan Ambulance is a health project to give life to the people who are near to their death. It provides affordable ambulance service to mountain communities, most of which are people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The project has been designed in close consultation with health experts, locals and officials of local government authorities such as wards and rural municipalities. Through the project, we strive to find the optimal solution for the local people and their situation.


The project aims to increase the easy access to health services all the municipalities (2) and rural municipalities (8) of Gorkha district except in Tsum Nubri. We aren’t including Tsum Nubri Rural Municipality because it’s in high altitudes and don’t have access to roads, so a road ambulance isn’t useful to this area for now.  But please note air ambulance is available in this rural municipality.

In the first phase of the project, we are going to provide the following number of ambulances in these places:

  • Gorkha Municipality – 2
  • Bhimsen Thapa Rural Municipality – 1
  • Dharche Rural Municipality – 1
  • Gandaki Rural Municipality – 1
  • Sahid Lakhan Thapa Rural Municipality – 1

Nepal is still considered an underdeveloped country. It is growing in some fields but not as much as other developing countries. It is still lacking behind in many facilities and has many problems, especially in rural areas. Lack of proper transportation is still one of the biggest problems in such areas and among the transportation service, medical transport service such as ambulance is rare or there are none at all. The villages are linked with muddy roads and have fewer number of local public vehicles for transportation. Local vehicles aren’t designed to carry sick patients in mountain roads and they aren’t easily available everywhere. Due to which, people still need to walk for miles or be carried on stretchers to go to the nearest health post.

This is where the project Himalayan Ambulance comes in. The health project gives hope and opportunity by providing ambulance service to sick people of the rural communities of Gorkha district.

Our proposed target is to provide 20 ambulances to cover the entire Gorkha district. When the project is completed and all the ambulances have been distributed, around 275,000 people will be benefitted and able to use the ambulances when they are sick and need to get to the nearest health post. The project will also benefit people living in the borders of neighboring districts which are connected to Gorkha. These connected districts are Chitwan, Dhading, Tanahun and Lamjung.

The number of ambulances that each municipality or rural municipality will depend on their population. Bigger the population, more ambulances they will receive. For example, in the first phase, we are providing 2 ambulances to Gorkha Municipality  whereas others are receiving 1 ambulance each.

In the first phase, we will be providing 6 ambulances. The ambulances will be properly fitted with necessary equipment to ensure they are fully protective and can be used during any pandemic such as Covid-19. The equipment list is as follows:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sets
  • Surgical masks
  • N95 masks
  • Surgical masks
  • Oxygen cylinder and mask
  • Thermal gun
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Long waiting seat


The 4 rural municipalities and 1 urban municipality all have already given the order for their respective ambulances from the seller. The ambulances are manufactured in India, so they have to be brought from there. At the moment, the ambulances are at the customs office in the border between Nepal and India. The necessary paperwork for border clearance is in the process which can take some time. Once the ambulances are cleared, they will be delivered to Gorkha. We will make an update once the ambulances are successfully delivered.

November Progress Update – 2020

We have completed a large part of the project. Currently our project is waiting for the local government offices of the selected Municipality and Rural Municipalities to open. They have closed their offices because of the Covid-19 pandemic and only provide emergency services.

We have completed the following tasks until now:

  • We submitted the project documents to Social Welfare Council Nepal and other government offices and received the project approval.
  • Technical and mechanical evaluation of the ambulances was done by Akchheta Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. as per the government rules & regulations before purchasing the ambulances.
  • We published job advertisements for various posts required for the project such as Doctor and Nurse via merojob, a popular online job portal in Nepal.
  • We have deposited the funds required to purchase the ambulances to the official government bank accounts of the selected Municipality and Rural Municipalities in the first phase.

We have the following remaining works:

  • Once the local government offices open fully, the selected Municipality and Rural Municipalities will purchase the ambulances.
  • Various medical equipment will be fitted inside the ambulances to make them ready to transfer the patients.
  • We will select and appoint Doctor and Nurse needed for the ambulances.
  • Finally we will be monitor and inspect the ambulances. This will be done by the officials from Social Welfare Council Nepal as well as Sambhav Nepal team.

The project is estimated to be completed by May 31, 2021. But the project was affected by Covid-19 and lockdown. So, if we need to extend the project duration, we will do it accordingly.

Himalayan Ambulance