Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Tudor Grange Academies Trust

The Tudor Grange Academies Trust is a family of schools with a shared ethos, common values and collective goals located in the United Kingdom. They are an exceptional group of schools that provide a high quality educational experience for each child in their care. They ensure they have excellent teachers and equip every child of their schools with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in the 21st century.

The Tudor Grange Academies Trust is a supporter of Sambhav Nepal since returning from an expedition in the Annapurna region in 2015. Learning of the terrible events of the recent earth quake, the Trust decided to support Sambhav Nepal’s rebuilding project, which includes schools and houses, and is currently involved in a number of fund-raising projects. This relationship will continue to develop resulting in students from Worcester England visiting the schools and communities the project supports in the near future.

The Trust also plans to support the teachers of the region in continuing to develop their teaching strategies ensuring students at their schools receive the best possible education.