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Patti and Barry Sambhav

Patti Lefkos and Barry Hodgins

Patti and Barry are both retired teachers and educational administrators from Canada. While Patti now spends her time as a freelance journalist/ writer, Barry is into photography. They both are very fond of traveling and came to Nepal to explore the Himalayas. They have trekked to Upper Mustang, Annapurna and Everest Base Camp with Ace the Himalaya. During one of their treks in 2011, they got to know about the non-profit organization Sambhav Nepal and its initiative to help the Nepalese villagers living in remote areas. After learning more about the organization’s work, they decided to pitch in and sponsor the education of a young and promising student from Gorkha. Thanks to Patti and Barry, the student, who is a bright young girl, got the opportunity of continuing her studies in Kathmandu.

In 2014 Patti returned to Nepal on a solo adventure. During her brief sojourn, she worked as a volunteer at Bhairabi School in Ratmate Village, Gorkha. While volunteering, she visited the remote Aaprik Village and saw how the village’s school, Devi Jal Kumari School, lacked proper classrooms and was in desperate need of a new school building. After her return to Canada, she went about raising funds for the school by founding a non-profit organization ‘Nepal One Day at a Time Society’. Located in British Columbia, Canada, the organization (headed by Patti) is working tirelessly to raise funds and support education in Gorkha.

They are also sponsoring two children in Gorkha District, Rojina Rokaha a student who studies in Grade 8 in Deep Jyoti Secondary School in Gorkha and Bina Rana Magar currently studying in Grade 5 in Dharapani Secondary School in Gorkha.