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Drinking Water Supply Project

Our drinking water supply project is based in Gorkha district, north-central part of Nepal. Being in a remote area, many villages in Gorkha still lack the basic needs for living like clean drinking water. On top of that, the 2015 Nepal Earthquake damaged and destroyed some of the exisiting pipelines for drinking water. Dharapani Secondary School and Dharapani, Lamagaun, Ratamate and Ejara villages of Arughat Rural Municipality (previously Arupokhari Village Development Committee), the school and villages that benefit from this project, are located in the remote northern part of the district.

The earthquake in 2015 worsened the situation of drinking water in the villages of Gorkha district by damaging and destroying the exisiting pipelines. Sambhav Nepal identified the need for rebuilding the broken drinking water supply system and easing the situation. For the initial phase of this project, we identified 1 school and 4 villages. They are:

  • Dharapani Secondary School (400 students and 25 teachers and other staff)
  • Dharapani and Ejara (60 houses)
  • Ratamate (30 houses)
  • Lamagaun 50 houses)

Drinking Water Distribution Mechanism

In the above school and villages, we have used the following distribution mechanism. And in the future we will be using it too.

The source of drinking water is clear streams. At first, water is stored in a nearby collector. Pipes, both iron and plastic, take water to a larger tank (capacity: 6,000-10,000 liters) in a village. And from the tank, drinking water is distributed through taps installed in various parts of the village.

Water is distributed through the taps as per a timetable. At certain times of a day, the villagers gather in the taps and fill their containers. And, we have also set up a practice of collecting Nepalese rupees 50 per month from each house so that the money can be used to maintain and repair taps, pipes and tanks.

The drinking water supply system will be a great relief to the villagers during the dry seasons.

The drinking water project is one of our Gorkha Rebuilding Projects after the earthquake of April 25, 2015. In its initial stage, we have rebuilt the damaged water supply system of 1 school and 4 villages. Altogether we have built 27 taps and the supporting pipes and tanks by taking 2 months period.

The project has been inspected and evaluated by the government officers of Social Welfare Council and other concerned government authorities. They have given us their approval and considered the project successful in ending water woes in four villages and one school.

Inauguration of Taps

On June 25, 2016, Sambhav Nepal inaugurated 27 taps. The inauguration program was led by Hari Bahadur Ghale, the President of Nepali Congress Gorkha and was attended by field coordinators of Sambhav Nepal and villagers. The team walked from one village to another, holding gatherings and officially starting the use of the taps. The project beneficiaries are:

  • Dharapani Secondary School (5 taps for 400 students and 25 teachers and other staff)
  • Dharapani and Ejara (8 taps for 60 houses)
  • Ratamate (7 taps for 30 houses)
  • Lamagaun (7 taps for 50 houses)

A row of taps in Dharapani Secondary School

We are thankful to our funders for their financial contribuiton. They are:

  • Rotary International District 9685, Australia
  • Rotary Club of Wahroonga, Australia
  • Rotary Club of Chatswood, Australia

We hope to continue this friendship, support and collaboration for many years to come. We wish you all well-being and prosperity!

Foundation Stone Laying

The project kicked off the construction of the drinking water supply system on April 25, 2016 after Mr Prem K Khatry, the founder of Sambhav Nepal, laid foundation stone (cornerstone). He wanted to complete the work by the end of June before heavy monsoon starts. The rainfalls might have disturbed the construction work and pushed the completion time further.

Inauguration of Drinking Water Taps

Inauguration of Drinking Water Taps

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Dharapani Secondary School

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Dharapani Secondary School

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Lamagaun

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Lamagaun

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Ratamate

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony in Ratamate