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Events 2018

Teachers Training Program 2017/18
Sambhav Nepal once again initiated the Teacher Training Program at various schools of Gorkha district on the leadership of Dr. Anne Prsecott from January 10 to January 18 2018 on the donation of Ross Emslie and Kerry Emslie. There were a total of 10 trainers and 65 trainees involved.

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Events 2017

Gathering up at the camp site
Playing with Children
Filling the sacks
Helping in Rebuilding

Volunteering at Ratmate Village, Gorkha – UNSW Student Volunteers
Recently a group of 10 students from Australia’s University of New South Wales arrived in Nepal as volunteers under Sambhav Nepal’s “Gorkha Volunteer Program”.

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Events 2016

Winter Trip to Gorkha – Volunteers from UNSW, Sydney
It was a cold winter morning when a group of nine students from UNSW, Sydney made their way to Manbu Village in Gorkha from Kathmandu. The group, having arrived in Kathmandu from Sydney, Australia on 24th November, 2016, had spent a day in the capital.

First Student Volunteer Group since the Earthquake
In 2016 too, we received a group of student volunteers from University of New South Wales’ Global Village program. This is the sixth time that we received volunteers from Global Village and they were the first student volunteer group since the devastating earthquake of 2015.

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Events 2015

Teacher Training Workshop

Teacher Training Program 2015
Teachers need to be trained on how to make classroom learning interactive and fun and therefore effective. With this motto, Dr. Anne Prescott and her friend Jane Cameron, both of whom are the supporters of Sambhav Nepal, conducted Teacher Training Program at Bhairabi Primary School, Arupokhari, Gorkha from 9th to 12th January and at Gandaki Higher Secondary School of the same district from 15th to 18th of January 2015. The two trainers are from the Australian Rotary Volunteer Team.

100 blankets distributed to the earthquake-affected villagers of Gorkha
We along with the earthquake-affected people of Ward no 6 Ratamate village at Arupokhari VDC in Gorkha district are very happy to receive aid from good-hearted Lona Nichele. She came all the way from Switzerland to Nepal to help the earthquake victims.

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Events 2014

Service, Education and Awareness (SEA) Program 2014
On December 6, 2014, students and teachers of St Augustine’s College, Sydney came to Nepal once more as volunteers for Service, Education and Awareness (SEA) Program. A total of 40 of them, one group volunteered at Disabled Students Association in Bungamati, Kathmandu while another group volunteered at Bhairabi Primary School in Arupokhari, Gorkha from December 8 to 12. And on the remaining days they all toured to Pokhara and trekked in Annapurna region.

Second UNSW Global Village Team Voluntourism Trip – 2014
The students of University of New South Wales (UNSW) Global Village Team, Australia once again came to Nepal as volunteers under Arupokhari School Volunteer Program. This marks the fifth time that the students from UNSW came to volunteer in Arupokhari, Gorkha and the second time in 2014.The entire voluntoursim trip began on November 27 and ended on December 21. There were seven of them who volunteered at Bhairabi Primary School in Arupokhari, Gorkha and then trekked in annapurna region.

Volunteering by UNSW Global Village Team 2014 at Bhairabi Primary School
On July 5, 2014, the students of the University of New South Wales Global Village Team, Australia, participated in Arupokhari School Volunteer Program. This was the fourth consecutive time that the student from UNSW have participated in Arupokhari School Volunteer Program, and the following university students worked as volunteers.

Teaching the Teachers in Gorkha
The Australian Rotary Volunteer Team conducted the third consecutive “Teacher Training Program: at Bhairabi Primary School, Arupokhari – 6, Ratmate, Gorkha, from 6 Jan to 11 January 2014. The program was of six days and was a huge success. Dr. Anne Prescott, the main supporter of the ‘Sambhav Nepal’ and Mr. Prem K Khatry, president of Sambhav Nepal also attended the program. ‘Ace the Himalaya,’ the trek and tour operator, based in Kathmandu facilitated the Australian Rotary Volunteer Team in Gorkha by managing the logistics.

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Events 2013

Volunteering Program by UNSW Global Village Team at Bhairabi Primary School
On December 10, 2013, the enthusiast students of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, participated in the Arupokhari School Volunteer Program (ASVP), with a mission to teaching English, Science, and Mathematics to the students of Bhairabi Primary School of Gorkha, Nepal. Since 2011, this is the third consecutive participation from UNSW Global village volunteer team for this program.

Service, Education and Awareness (SEA) Program by St. Augustine’s Students
The volunteers from St Augustine’s College, Sydney, once again contributed to the construction work at Bhairabi Primary School in Arupokhari, Gorkha, from 23rd September to 30th September 2013. From the total of 23 students, 10 students of 10th grade and 4 staff members participated in the construction work at Bhairabi Primary School while the remaining 6 students and 3 staffs joined in for Disabled Students Association (DSA) at Bungmati, Kathmandu.

Inauguration of Computer Lab in Bhairabi Primary School
The computer lab built for the local government/community school was inaugurated on 9th August 2013 by Chief District Officer Mr. Krishna Bahadur Karki along with the District Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Gorkha district. The computer lab built in Bhairabi Primary School will be used by both the students of Bhairabi and the students from the nearby schools of the area.

Distribution of items for the hostel students of Bhawani School
The distribution of items for the hostel students of Bhawani Higher Secondary School Manbu, Gorkha took place on Aug 2nd, 2013. On the same day the headmaster of the school Mr. Ratna Prasad Pudasaini who served the school for 30 years got retired. The items were handed over to the hostel by the founder Mr. Prem K Khatry and the Board Member Mrs. Geeta R Chhetry of Sambhav Nepal.

Construction of Volunteer House in Bhairabi CompletedAt long last the construction of Bhairabi Volunteer House is completed. The volunteer house project is sponsored by the Nepal School Project, Sydney, Australia, made possible by the generosity of Allan Waldon and Richard Jackson. It has the capacity to accommodate 5 volunteers.

Gorkha Charity Trek- 2013
A charity Trek with motive of raising fund for Sambhav Nepal foundation was organized from January 3rd to 12th, 2013. The trek included visit to more than 14 different local schools of the Gorkha district. The president of Sambhav Nepal Mr. Prem K Khatry, our main sponser Mr. Allan waldon and the other major supporters of Sambhav Nepal from Australia was involved in the program. The whole event was facilitated by Ace the Himalaya and coordinated by Sambhav Nepal.

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Events 2012

UNSW Volunteers
An Aeroplane
St. Augustines Group
Teacher Training 2012

Volunteering Program by UNSW Global Village Team at Various Schools of Arupokhari
On 18th Nov 2012, as a part of Sambhav Nepal’s project, 10 students arrived from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in order to conduct the volunteership program at Bhairabi Primary, Dharapani Secondary and Balodaya primary located in Arupokhari Gorkha till 30th Nov, 2012.

St Augustine’s Students in Action at Bhairabi School, Gorkha
As a part of Sambhav Nepal’s project, 17 volunteers from St Augustine’s College, Sydney, contributed to the construction works at Bhairabi Primary School in Arupokhari, Gorkha, from 25th September to 1st October 2012. From the college, 13 students of 10th grade and 4 staff members participated, including Dean of the Middle School, Mr. Peter Nolan. Other 9 volunteers joined in for Disabled Students Association (DSA) at Bungmati, Kathmandu.
During their entire stay in the village, the team enthusiastically rendered the walls of at least 10 classrooms from inside and outside. They also worked on the banana garden and the flower garden. Apart from these activities, all of them helped further by carrying the logs, sand and gravels. It is estimated that would take nearly 2 months if as many local laborers had done all these.

Teacher Training Program 2012 Conducted by the Australian Rotary Team
The Teacher Training Program 2012, conducted by the Australian Rotary Volunteer Team and facilitated by Sambhav Nepal, has concluded with remarkable success in the Dharapani Secondary School, Arupokhari village, Gorkha. The team of six highly qualified education experts set off to the village in the week long program which was held from January 13 to 20, 2012.

Toilet Project in Dharapani Secondary School Complete
Renovation of the toilet in Dharapani has been completed. The project, funded by the Nepal School Project and the Rotary Australia World Community Service, makes use of high grade materials, including a brick & mortar structure with pillar support – a rarity in the village! The only such toilet in the entirety of Arupokhari is in the Bhairabi Primary School, also constructed by Sambhav Nepal with Australian donation.

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Events 2011

UNSW Volunteers
at Arupokhari
Allan Waldon

Arupokhari Volunteer Program officially launches with the UNSW Global Village Volunteer Team from Australia
On 10 July 2011, the Arupokhari Volunteer Program (AVP) hosted its first official volunteering mission. The volunteering team, organized through the University of New South Wales’ Global Village, comprised of six university students. The program, which took place from July 1 through 8 (2011), was successful and was greatly lauded by both the students and the staff at Dharapani Secondary and Bhairabi Primary Schools. The three main subjects the volunteers taught were English, Science and Mathematics, besides outdoor games.

Teacher Training Program 2011 Conducted by the Australian Rotary Team
On behalf of the Dharapani Secondary School, the community of teachers and the humble well-wishers of the Arupokhari village, Sambhav Nepal would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude towards the Australian Rotary Volunteer Team for its significant contribution to enhancing the educational infrastructure of the region through the Teacher Training Program 2011. The advanced and powerful pedagogical methods and materials that have been presented with such great generosity will invariably embellish the future of the children. We will ensure what you have professed will achieve its purpose.

Key Donor Allan Waldon along with 3 donors visited project sites
Key Donor Allan Waldon, his daughter Samantha Waldon and the donors Warren Sly, Dympna Sly and Ray Sleap visited the project site. During their trip in the village from January 9 to 13, 2011, they visited nine schools in Arupokhari and one in Aruchanaute. They observed the progress of the projects as well as assessed further needs of the schools and the community. The possibility in which the projects could be expanded was also mulled by the donor team. The support they have been providing to this backward region is phenomenal. The locals, especially the school children, were very exhilirated during the donors’ presence and were eager to socialize with them.

Renovation of Balodaya Primary School Complete
Sambhav Nepal has completed the final phases of the renovation work at Balodaya Primary School, Arupokhari-2, Gorkha. The project started in May 2011 with the help of the donors Warren and Dympna Sly. The main objective of this project was to repair the walls, cement-plaster the pavements and the classroom floors. The window frames have been repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

2nd Phase of the Renovation of Jalakanya Primary School Complete
In the second phase of the renovation of Jalakanya School, the exterior wall was cement-plastered and a new gate was installed. Free stationery was distributed to students.

Refurbishment of Sitala Primary School Complete
The refurbishment of Sitala Primary School has been completed. The interior and exterior walls and the floor was cement-plastered and painted. The wooden doors and window frames were replaced. Likewise, the compound was barred with bamboo fencing and a school entrance gate has been constructed. Free stationery was distributed to all the students of Sitala.

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Events 2010

Allan Waldon with old woman
Prem k with visitors
people and jeep

Allan, Prem and Samantha visited the Projects
Key sponsor of Sambhav Nepal – Allan J. Waldon with his daughter Samantha, visited the different projects in Arupokhari, Gorkha from 7th to 14th January 2010 along with Prem- the president and some representatives of Sambhav Nepal. Currently, two projects are undergoing in Dharapani and Ratmate village. The students, guardians and the locals of Arupokhari were very happy to welcome their regular donor in the village. The work of new toilet project under the aid of Australian Embassy and Nepal School Project Fund in Bhairabi Primary School is ongoing.

Australian Ambassador’s Visit to Sambhav Nepal’s Projects
The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Hon. Susan Grace, along with the DAP Coordinator Sanjana Pradhan and Sambhav Nepal’s chairman Mr. Prem K Khatry visited the project completed at Bhairabi School and at Dharapani School in Arupokhari (Gorkha). The newly constructed Bhairabi toilets and Dharapani Community Library buildings were inaugurated by the Ambassador during this event organized by the locals.

Building Construction Project in Bhairabi School Completed
The additional two roomed building construction project of Bhairabi Primary School has been completed. This project was approved by the Social Welfare Council under the financial support of Nepal School Project Fund – Sydney, Australia, withSambhav Nepal’s coordination. This school has continuously been supported by Allan J. Waldon, Richard Jackson, Nepal School Project Fund and other Australian donors to transform the school into a model modern school in Nepal in the coming days.

Gorkha 2010 Project Launched
A team of Nepali students who recently graduated from U.S. colleges are helping to renovate Shanker School (Arupokhari – 8, Gorkha) and also bring the Dharapani Community Library (Arupokhari – 7, Gorkha) into operation. Their project is called The Energy for Education Project (also Gorkha2010 Project), funded by the Davis Foundation, a private American organization, through the Projects for Peace grant. Anuj Adhikary and Kaustubh Thapa are heading the project, and have launched collaborative tasks with Sambhav Nepal in promoting education in this Gorkha village.

The First Community Library in Gorkha Successfully Constructed
Sambhav Nepal has completed the construction of Community Library Project in Dharapani Secondary School, Arupokhari- 7, Gorkha. This project was possible with the financial aid of the Nepal School Project Fund (Sydney, Australia), Alan Waldon, Georgie, Cameron McCullagh, Richard Jackon. The library was formally inaugurated by Hon. Susan Grace – the Australian Ambassador to Nepal on 20 May, 2010. The Dharapani Library Project was approved by the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) to provision tax deductibility for our Australian donors.

Construction for Toilets in Bhairabi Primary School Underway
Sambhav Nepal has started the construction Western-style toilet stalls in Bhairabi Primary School of Arupokhari, Gorkha. The project was sponsored by the Australian Embassy under the Direct Aid Program and the Nepal School Project Fund of Australia. The project was approved by the Social Welfare Council Nepal.

Bhairabi Primary School Toilet Project Completed
Sambhav Nepal has completed the toilet construction project at Bhairabi Primary School, Arupokhari-6, Ratemate, Gorkha. The Western-style toilets have five stalls in total. The project was sponsored by Australian Embassy under the Direct Aid Program (DAP) and Nepal School Project Fund (overseen by Alan Waldon and Richard Jackson). The project was approved by the Social Welfare Council on January 3, 2010.

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Events 2009

Inauguration Programme
In the classroom
Welcome prgramme

One-Week Teacher Training Program in Dharapani Secondary School
Training Period: 30th November 2009 to 7th December 2009 We take pleasure in presenting the final report of this event which pertained to the Leadership Development of Headmasters and the School Management Committees and Subject-wise Teachers Training Programme. The program, run under the aid of its Australian donors – Nepal School Project Fund, was held in Shree Dharapani Secondary School Arupokhari-7.

Refurbishment of Jalakanya Primary School Completed
The 5-year plan to renovate Jalakanya Primary School has concluded. The project was funded by Ram and Ray Sleap from Australia. Besides repairing the building and replacing old furniture, education materials like books, copy books, pencils and uniforms were handed out to the children from the dalit (or untouchable) caste and from poor families.

Construction of the Community Library Undergoing
Sambhav Nepal has started the construction of the ‘Community Library Project’ in Dharapani Secondary School, Arupokhari- 7, Gorkha under the aid of its dedicated Australian donors. This is the first and only library in the remote corner of Arupokhari. Upon the completion of the construction, the library will have a couple of a thousand of books, though it can hold as many as 15,000 books. The students of up to 8 neighboring schools in addition to the locals of the region will be able to borrow books from the library. Sambhav Nepal is actively seeking to increase the number of books for the library. If you would like to donate books, please contact us.

Four-roomed Bhairabi School Building Constructed
Following the construction of a two-roomed building in Bhairabi Primary school in 2009, a four-roomed building has been constructed under the aid of regular Australian donors of Sambhav Nepal. The organization finds the remarkable improvements have been introduced both in the physical and academic dimensions of the school.

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