Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Budhi Gandaki Boarding House (छात्रावास)

Bhimodaya is the last campus in northern Gorkha as well as the northern part of adjacent Dhading district. There is no campus in places higher than Arughat Bazaar. Anyone north of Arughat Bazaar has to come here for the Bachelors education or go to places farther than this and that isn’t feasible for many. It takes 1 or 2 or 4 days of walking to reach Arughat from many of the northern villages. Many of these students have problems because of which they don’t pursue Bachelors. Many are poor and don’t have money to stay away for years on their own as they come from weaker economic backgrounds.

Today Bhimodaya runs classes from nursery to grade 12 and Bachelors program of four years. A student can start at nursery and study all the way up to Bachelors at Bhimodaya which makes it the complete education institution. It has about 1,000+ students from nursery to Bachelors and this makes it the biggest school and campus in northern Gorkha district. It serves students from all the villages in northern Gorkha.

Students who go to Bhairabi Primary School or Dharapani Secondary School or Bhawani Higher Secondary School or Durbar Higher Secondary School or Siddha Devi Secondary school or any other school all come to Bhimodaya to study for university level education. Because of this, Bhimodaya is the most important educational institution in northern Gorkha.

The lack of a proper boarding house or hostel has made it difficult for university-level students of Bhimodaya Campus. Many don’t get admitted to the campus due to lack of safe and peaceful place to live and many don’t have money to live in rented place. After graduating the 12th grade, most of the youths go to the foreign counties, mainly in the Middle East, to work, and a lot of young women get married early when they should have been completing their Bachelors education.

Some of the remote villages from where the students will come and be benefited are: Lho, Prok, Samagaun, Chhaikampar, Kashigaun, Kerauja, Gumda, Manbu, Laprak, Tandrang, Dhawa, Arupokhari of Gorkha, and Baseri, Phulkharka, Aginchok, Salyantar of Dhading district. In total, 4 wardens and 154 students including 10 disabled students will be directly benefited from the project.

The lack of university-level education in the youths is also a big obstacle in the development of Gorkha. Budhi Gandaki Chhatrabas (Boarding House) with its peaceful, safe and family environment aims to solve this issue and help in increasing the number of people with higher education which will eventually lead to developed and prosperous rural communities.

As this is a big project that needs huge amount of fund, we are still in search of the interested donors who can support us to meet the expected outcome from the project.

Among the various projects of Sambhav Nepal, Budhi Gandaki Chhatrabas is a huge project that focuses in the educational development of Gorkha district. Observing the major need and requirement of the area, this project came into plan.

Budhi Gandaki Chhatrabas (Boarding House) is a great initiative to provide free as well as cheaper accommodation and food to those students who have to study staying far away from their home & family and have a difficult time because either they couldn’t afford having their own rented place or don’t get quality place to rent out.

The boarding house is specifically aimed at those from northern Gorkha and some areas of north-western Dhading district. Because of this project, they won’t have to go far places to study and they won’t have to stop their Bachelors education. The project is a great help in the development of Gorkha as it helps produce more educated youths and preventing them from early marriages and being migrant workers in foreign countries, mainly in the Middle East.

We are pretty sure that this project will benefit large number of students and add a brick to achieve their goal to complete their higher study.

The Boarding House

The boarding house will have a total of 2 four-storey buildings with spacious floor area. One for the males and another for the females. The buildings will be near to each other and will be merged in the third floor to enlarge the dining area and serve 100 boarders at once. The buildings will have the capacity to accommodate 4 wardens and 154 students including 10 disabled students. Each room will be sufficient enough for the boarders to move around, study and live easily. There will be toilets and bathrooms in each floor. Each building will have a health section for first aid and minor treatment before going to the hospital.

3D image of the boarding house

3D image of the boarding house

You can check the video walkthrough of the 3D design of the buildings here:

Community and Local Government Support

The exemplary work of Sambhav Nepal has been praised by the villagers, local government and the community of Gorkha district. The projects and programs launched by our organization has benefited numbers of people and the overall Gorkha at some extent. Because of the helping and problem-solving attitude of Sambhav Nepal, the community and the local government are always keen to help and support in the work performed. They always show positivity and gratefulness in the work and attempt of Sambhav Nepal for the better result.