Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Tsum Nubri Boarding House (छात्रावास)

Among the various the mountainous region of northern Gorkha – Tsum Nubri is isolated from the rest due to its remoteness, rugged terrain and lack of infrastructures. Currently, there are 20 public schools providing basic level education and 1 public school providing secondary level education in Tsum Nubri. Even though this region makes up the largest geographic area in Gorkha district, there is only one secondary school named Buddha Secondary School in Tsum Nubri. Buddha Secondary School is located at Philim village in Tsum Nubri. From the capital city Kathmandu, it takes 4 days to reach the project location i.e., 9-hour drive to Soti Khola and 3 days walk from there. Tsum Nubri covers the largest area of 1,663 sq. km in the Himalayan district, Gorkha.There are seven wards in this region including Samagaon, Prok, Chhekampar, Lho, Chumchet, Bihi and Sirdibas. This region borders Tibet on its northern side and is surrounded by Dharche, Ajirkot and Sulikot Rural Municipalities on its southern lowlands.

Tsum Nubri is a fascinating mountainous region of Gurung and Tibetan villages with diverse culture and geography. This region is highly remote and isolated as there are no roads or airports to get there. Home to the popular Manaslu circuit trek, this region features off the beaten trail, and all travel is done by walking to reach sparsely populated nearby villages.

The boarding house will have one large building equipped with modern facilities including library, computer lab, medical ward, dining hall and kitchen. Because of this project, they will not have to go faraway places in town to get secondary level education and they will not have to drop out their school life. By staying at the boarding house, they can get regular education at school and complete their secondary level education on time.  It will be a great support for increasing the number of graduated students in northern Gorkha. Thus, this project is expected to help much-needed students of the remote mountainous region and further help to bring advancement of the education sector there.

It is the largest education institution in this area with about currently 500+ students from class one through class ten, and benefits more than 20,000 households of Tsum Nubri and surrounding regions which include villages in the trekking routes such as Samagaun, Dharamsala, Samdo, Jagat, Namrung, etc. About 55 students come from the villages of Dharche that include Gumda, Kashigaon, Uhiya and Kerauja to name a few. As there are no proper boarding house facilities in the school, students have to commute long distances from faraway villages along the high-altitude mountainous terrain to attend their school. Thus, this boarding house project will facilitate a large number of students from Tsum Nubri and Dharche Rural Municipalities who have to walk long distances daily to attend their classes. Through the implementation of this project, the boarding house will provide free accommodation and food to all students residing in the boarding house.

Since this is a project that would cost large amount, we are still in search of potential donors who wants to support us in meeting the desired objective of this project.

Sambhav Nepal since its establishment has always worked for the enhancement of education, health, women empowerment and so on in Gorkha district of Nepal. As a well-wisher aiming for the development of overall Gorkha, Sambhav Nepal proposes the Tsum Nubri Chhatrabas (Boarding House) Project to help the students to perceive quality education without any difficulties to reach to the school every day.

Tsum Nubri Chhatrabas (Boarding House) Project aims at constructing a new boarding house building in Buddha Secondary School located at Philim in Gorkha district. Buddha Secondary School is the only one secondary school built in the remote Tsum Nubri. With an ever-increasing number of students coming to study their secondary level education from both Tsum Nubri areas and distant villages of upper Gorkha, the school has not been able to accommodate sufficient students in its existing boarding house. Thus, this project is a great initiative to build a boarding house that can accommodate 192 students including 12 disabled students in the building.

We believe Tsum Nubri Chhatrabas (Boarding House) Project is extremely necessary for the entire region of Tsum Nubri. The boarding house we are going to build will help the students to continue their education even after primary level (Grade 5). They won’t have to walk for hours or even days. They can stay near the school and attend it every day and complete their formal education.

The Boarding House

The Boarding house would have four floors in total.

  • There will be one large building with the girls’ and boys’ blocks clearly separated by the staircase.
  • The first three floors will be used as sleeping quarters and also for reception areas and medical ward.
  • The fourth floor will have dining room, kitchen, library, computer lab, laundry room and entertainment room.
  • Altogether 192 students (12 students with disability), 2 female wardens, 2 male wardens can be easily accommodated in the building.


The 3D image of the Boarding House

The 3D image of the Boarding House

Community and Local Government Support

The community and the local government of Gorkha are very positive, supportive and also grateful for each and every initiation of Sambhav Nepal. To ensure the sustainability of the project, the local government has given their words to provide free meals 2 times a day to the students and the wardens of the boarding house. Moreover, the local government of Tsum Nubri has shown us a strong commitment to support the boarding house financially for running and maintaining it (such as repairing if there is any damage to furniture, equipment, buildings, etc.; paying for the hostel wardens, etc.) for the long term.