Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Bhairabi Primary School


Local people of Ratmate village built Bhairabi Primary School in 1993 AD (2050 BS) running classes 1 and 2. After the civil war started in 1995, the government made no effort to show any financial or educational support to improve the current conditions. Bhairabi Primary School has remained open from the constant commitment of the local village people and the ever growing needs for a basic primary school to educate their children. If it was to close, it means that the locals of Ratmate would need to send their children from as young as 4 to 7 on a 50 minute walk to the closest school and then 50 minute walk back home. Keep in mind most parents are constantly working in the fields so these children would be walking alone.


Bhairabi Primary School is located in Ratmate village (Ward No 8) of Arughat Rural Municipality (previously Ward No 6 of Arupokhari Village Development Committee) in the northern part of Gorkha district. A local public bus from Kathmandu leaves everyday from morning 6.30am till 11.00am to Arughat.

Once you arrive in Arughat Bazar you travel towards the west by climbing the stairs at the top of Arughat Bazar and then cross the bridge of Stull Khola (river). Ascend up to reach the village. The hike will take you around 2 hours all the way up. At first you will reach Dharapani Secondary School at Dharapani village. From there it’s another 40 minutes walk to Ratmate where Bhairabi is located.

Though Bhairabi has seen a tremendous progress in the past few years, plenty of challenges still need to be addressed. It is the only public school in Gorkha where everything, from school uniforms to stationeries to monthly tuition fees, is free for the students. All possible because of Sambhav Nepal. We plan to provide continued support to Bhairabi because it is the first project we undertook. We plan to make Bhairabi an example school by transforming it into a modern one in a rural setting.

The school runs 3 pre-school classes (nursery, upper and lower kindergarten) and primary classes from grade 1 to 5. It has a total of 87 students and employs 12 staff members.

Due to lack of enough funds we did the construction work of Bhairabi Primary School in various phases. In Phase I, we constructed 3 new classrooms and repaired 3 old classrooms and 5 toilets. The construction work was completed and inaugurated on April 2017. The work for Phase II started in November 2017 and has been ongoing. In this Phase, we are on the process of building a five-room block with two classrooms, one teachers’ room, one computer lab, and one Montessori room. Now we are aiming for phase III. In phase III, we will be building a new eight-room building.

New Eight-Room Building

Even though we have constructed a building with 5 classrooms, the problem that we have come across is that these rooms are yet not enough. Therefore the school aims to expand and provide more classrooms as the children of different classes are forced to share the same room.

In phase-III of the Bhairabi Rebuild project, we will be:

  • Constructing two storied building (the building will accommodate 4 classrooms, 4 toilets, 1 office, 1 fully furnished library along with books, 1 infirmary and 1 well facilitated recreational hall).
  • Expand the size of the school and provide quality education to the increasing number of children.
  • Fencing the school area and making a school compound considerably safer for the students.

School Essentials

Since everything is free of cost to the students, the school also needs ongoing funding every year for:

  • Stationery items such as textbooks, exercise books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pens, etc.
  • Uniforms and bags
  • Teachers’ salaries

Qualified Volunteer Teachers

Of the most pressing issue is the quality of education provided: there aren’t many qualified teachers, the available teachers are underpaid and there are very few teaching materials for the teachers. It is difficult for the school to afford qualified teachers and education materials. Sambhav Nepal comes up with ways to tackle this problem. One way is to attract the foreign volunteers, especially qualified teachers who play an important role to elevate the children’s minds.

Income-Generating Project for the School

The concept of entrepreneurship has only recently caught up in the village. This may be because of lack of resources, like seed capital, to implement the idea. Sambhav Nepal strives to provide entrepreneurial ideas and prospects to Bhairabi School administration in creating a sustainable business to support the on-going cost of the school. The objective of this project would be to make the school self-sustainable, albeit partially. Based on the resources available, poultry farming and cattle farming are the most viable options. We are exploring further ways in which we can utilize what is available to generate revenues.

Bhairabi Primary Design

After the earthquake, Sambhav Nepal visited many villages in Northern Gorkha to assess the extent of the damage and offer assistance to the communities with the immediate focus being on distributing food to the villages and providing temporary shelter to the schools. It was during these visits we identified that our long-term resources and assistance would be best utilized by rebuilding the schools and so we set about planning our school-rebuilding mission.

August Progress Update – 2018

We are glad to announce that we have completed the construction of the new 5-room building along with 3 toilets. We have done the furnishing of the building: painted the rooms, carpeted the floor and added necessary furniture. We have also handed the new building to the school administration. The only thing left to do is purchasing the electronic stuff such as computer, printer, multi-plugs, etc. We are going to do this once the monsoon season is over.

Bhairabi-August-Progress-2 Bhairabi-August-Progress-1

March Progress Update – 2018

The construction work of 5 roomed building with 3 toilets that started on November 2017 is on the verge of completion. The building contains two classrooms, one teacher’s room, one computer lab and one Montessori room. The rooms are almost ready as only few final tasks such as furnishing and the interiors are remaining. The school will be ready and successfully handed over and inaugurated by early June 2018.

December 2017

After completion of Phase I, we started the construction of 5 roomed building from November 2017. We are on the process of building a five-room block with two classrooms, one teachers’ room, one computer lab, and one Montessori room. There are three toilets for this block. The school building is located at 2 minutes distance.

The work for Phase II started in November 2017 and has been ongoing. The objectives that we had set prior to the beginning of the project are coming into fruition. 70% of the total work that we had aimed for has been completed. We are very hopeful that the project will be completed by the end of March 2018.

Bhairabi December Update

Completion of Phase 1 – April 2017

After months of hard work and overcoming various obstacles, the Phase I of the Bhairabi Rebuild Project was successfully completed in April, 2017. In Phase I, we constructed 3 new classrooms and repaired 3 old classrooms and 5 toilets. On April 25, 2017, we held an inauguration ceremony in the school. The ceremony was organized in the presennce of the school’s Headmaster and the Chief of School Management Commitee.

In the Phase II, we will rebuild a five-room block and three toilets.

Progress Update – February 2017

After the stone lying ceremony, Bhairabi Primary School Rebuilding

Committee was formed. We took approval from Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu and agreement letter from District Education Office, Gorkha. Raw materials like sand, stone, iron rod were freighted to the construction site. Transportation for such raw materials were given to a local transport company on a contract basis. We had decided that we would be rebuilding two classrooms but after the site inspection by engineers and public demand by local people, instead of two rooms, three rooms were finalized to be rebuilt.The rebuilding activity is nearly finished. Three rooms are ready but the tin roof is yet to be put in its place. Please go to the Gallery section for the recent photos.


Foundation Stone Laying – April 2016

On April 25, on the first anniversary of the Nepal Earthquake, we organized a foundation stone (cornerstone) laying ceremony of Bhairabi Primary School. As per Hindu traditions, Prem K Khatry, the founder of Sambhav Nepal, laid foundation stone in the premises of the school. The ceremony was attended by the Building Construction Committee for the school and the founder instructed the committee not to compromise on the quality of the construction materials and work. The ceremony marks the start of the construction phase of this project. The objective of the project is to rebuild 1 two-room block and repair 6 classrooms. Once all this is built, the students of Bhairabi Primary School will have adequate space to acquire education.


releif aid image

Relief Aid Program – 2015

Since the major earthquake of 7.8-magnitude struck Nepal on April 25 followed by 7.3-magnitude aftershock, Sambhav Nepal formed an earthquake relief team to support the victims of Gorkha. During our visit in Bhairabi Primary School we distributed corrugated aluminum sheets to the schools destroyed by the earthquake so that they can make temporary classrooms to teach students. Beside that we have made two visits to distribute relief food supplies to the families of the students. We also distributed 120 blankets, pencils, volleyball, toothpaste and toothbrush to the students and teachers of Bhairabi Primary School.



Cemented Playground Completed – 2014

St Augustine’s Volunteer Team

The most needed work of building a proper playground for the school is completed recently by the volunteers of St Augustine’s college, Sydney . The playground is Safe and modern where the students can play and school program and competitions can be held easily.Read full story….


Fencing and Compounding Completed – 2013

St Augustine’s Volunteer Team

The most needed work of fencing and compounding of the school for security purpose completed recently which was done by the generous volunteers of St Augustine’s college, Sydney. The fencing and compounding of the school was done by the use of metal wire for high durability and ease of construction.Read full Story..


lab comp image

Successful Inauguration of Computer Lab – 2013

UNSW Global Village Volunteer Team

The computer lab built for the local government/ community school was inaugurated in 9th August 2013 by Chief District Officer Mr. Krishna Bahadur Karki along with the District Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Gorkha district. The computer lab built in Bhairabi Primary School will be used by both the students of Bhairabi and the students from the nearby schools of the area. Read full Story..



Construction of Volunteer House Completed – 2012

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

Sambhav Nepal have finally completed the construciton of volunteer house in bhairabhi. The house with basic facility can easily accomodate 5 volunteers. We believe that mobilizing qualified volunteers is a viable option for the schools and the community; the new ideas and methods that the volunteers share with the school administration will definitely help to improve the learning environment for the children.


montessori image

Montessori Room

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

The Montessori system of teaching has gained significant popularity in Nepal. The creative pedagogical methods of this system have proven tremendously successful. We deem that such a method would create a very suitable environment for the children for personal, physical and intellectual growth. By hiring trained staff, in addition to new furniture and required amenities to an existing room in the school for Montessori, Sambhav Nepal have introduced advanced methods of teaching to Bhairabi.


Cement Plastering/Painting of the Building – 2012

St Augustine’s College, Sydney, Australia

Volounteers from St. Augustine college, sydney recently completed the rendering of the building.The plastering of building which besides its aesthetic purpose, is direly needed for insulation. The buildings tend to get extremely hot during the summer time, to the point that the cases of students losing consciousness has become a common occurrence. Much to dismay, this has been accepted as a norm in the village. Hence the process of cement plastering and painting of the building will help in mitigating the problem.


two-roomed school

Construction of Two-room School Block – 2010

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

It has been completed recently. Now the school is facilitated with total eight rooms including an administration and a volunteers’ room.




five roomed toilet block image

Construction of Five-room Toilet Block – 2010

The Australian Embassy in Nepal Australian eyes to this school was great and the true mission of Sambhav Nepal as well. Despite the increasing number of students, unfortunately, there was no any toilet. Australian embassy Nepal peeped here and finally granted aid for five toilets’ project, including one western style. This fulfilled the school with five toilets which was lacked since the establishment. The western design toilet facilitating the volunteers is the central attraction.




Construction of Four room School Block – 2009

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

The number of students increased from 50 to 150 in this year since Allan J. Waldon was extending his helping hands. In fact he was in deep love with the students, teachers and whole community. After the completion of the project, it was a huge achievement in Ratemate village.




Construction of Two-room School Block – 2008

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

Allan visited the school in January 2008 and got back with the rough estimation of replacing the old school building which was in fact and finally occurred in 2008. It provided the better places for the then existing students. The project was completed within six months. It was grand success on behalf of the school and also provided at least temporary job for the local people.



Refurbishment of Bhairabi Primary School – 2007

Allan Wolden / Nepal School Project

It was the first maintenance effort of Sambhav Nepal under the financial aid of Allan J Waldon, opened the door for massive development of the school. This project concluded with repair and maintenance of the roof, walls, desks, bench, chairs of the school. The school was facilitated with the required stationeries both for the administration and students for entire year.

Bhairabhi Primary School Designs

Bhairabi Primary School

The school has undergone a series of transformations that have significantly improved its physical outlook along with the education standards provided.

Bhairabhi March 2018 Update

Bharabhi December 2017 Update

Bhairabi Primary School after Fire Damage

Phase I of Bhairabi Primary School Completed - April 2017

Progress Update - February 2017

Earthquake Relief Distribution

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony - April 2016



Earthquake Damages

Prior Earthquake

Newly Setup Computer Lab

All the Construction Done in 2012, 2013 and 2014



Fencing and Compounding of the School by St Augustine's Volunteer for SEA Program



Construction of Volunteer House - Allan Wolden | Nepal School Project


Cement Plastering/Painting of the Building - St Augustine’s College, Sydney ( 2012 )

Cement Plastering/Painting of the Building – St Augustine’s College, Sydney, Australia ( 2012 )

Bhairabi school Electric Wiring Project - Allan Wolden | Nepal School Project

Construction Done in 2010 and 2011

The fourth building block was constructed in 2010 and 2011. More work on the fencing and creating a wall to stop the flow of mud into the compound will be the forthcoming activities this year.

Completion and Inauguration of the Toilet - 2010

Following the completion of the construction, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal Hon. Susan Grace formally inaugurated the toilet facility on May 20, 2010, in a lively ceremony organized by Bhairabi School, Sambhav Nepal and the locals .

Toilet Construction - 2010

Funded by the Direct Aid Program grant issued by the Australian Embassy, the Bhairabi Toilet Project commenced in early 2010. The toilet has helped improve the sanitation situation of the school at a time when the student population has seen a sharp increase.

Construction - 2009

A two-roomed block was constructed during this year with the Australian national Allan Waldon’s and Nepal School Project’s support.

Construction - 2008

The prime focus of Sambhav Nepal during this year was the contruction of a new building that would house two classrooms and the administration room.

Construction - 2007

The first of Sambhav Nepal’s task included complete refurbishment of Bhairabi’s only classroom. The walls and the furniture were repaired, while the corrugated roof was replaced. More of such reconstruction activities followed. Thanks to the success of this project.

Before Sambhav Nepal's Intervention

The following pictures depict the meager resources of Bhairabi Primary School before Sambhav Nepal’s first project.