Nepal Govt. Regd. No. 1224/064, SWC Affiliation No. 22612

Bhabani Library Manbu

Bhawani Higher Secondary School of Manbu Ward No 08, Gorkha district, Nepal is the only Higher Secondary School (K – 12) for the students of villages of northern Gorkha, together with a few villages of neighboring district Dhading. The 1,200 students of Bhawani Higher Secondary School and more than 5,000 locals of the village do not have access to a library. Sambhav Nepal proposes building a community library at Bhawani Higher Secondary School. In addition to the students of the school, the locals too will have access to this proposed community library. We are confident that the library will provide an avenue for the locals and the students to share their knowledge, thus enhancing educational access.

Sambhav Nepal proposes to build a community library at Bhawani Higher Secondary School. Sambhav Nepal will handle the project as the organization has very successful story of the past library project (Dharapani Community Library). After completing construction the library will possess 4,000 books initially rising to a full capacity of 10,000. The library will be a community library accessible to students, locals and staff members without any reservations. The building will be constructed with locally available raw materials and manpower, which ensures that the local economy is directly benefited by this project during the construction phase.

Sambhav Nepal will regularly monitor the ongoing operation of the library and facilitate management and policy alterations according to time and situation. It will be a community library. Members of the local community will be eligible to library members. Library members will pay about NRS 200 year. These funds will pay the librarian’s wages and purchase additional books if required.

The completion of the building will take about 4 months to complete, while the task of collecting books, coding/labeling and so forth can be completed in 6 months. Sambhav Nepal will also facilitate the training of the school staff for the functioning of the school. We will constantly monitor the operation of the library and see to it that the library is well equipped with relevant books and required amenities.