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Events 2010

Allan, Prem and Samantha visited the Projects

Key sponsor of Sambhav Nepal – Allan J. Waldon with his daughter Samantha, visited the different projects in Arupokhari, Gorkha from 7th to 14th January 2010 along with Prem- the president and some representatives of Sambhav Nepal. Currently, two projects are undergoing in Dharapani and Ratmate village. The students, guardians and the locals of Arupokhari were very happy to welcome their regular donor in the village. The work of new toilet project under the aid of Australian Embassy and Nepal School Project Fund in Bhairabi Primary School is ongoing.


Likewise, the library project in Shree Dharapani Secondary School Arupokhari-7 is also going on. Erection of four walls of the library building has almost completed. The building has possessed all the requirements according to the proposal. Being highly inspired to contribute something back to the community, Prem- Founder & Director of Ace the Himalaya announced The Free one year Scholarship to three students reading in Shree Dharapani Secondary School. These students are orphans and from very poor economic background. To find out more about the sponsorship program, please visit

During the project visit, Allan and Samantha provided a couple of stationeries to the students of Bhairabi Primary School and Jalakanya Primary School. Some discussions were carried out in between the donors and the locals of Arupokhari in the subject of helping a couple of other needy schools. All the people are very pleased towards the constant contribution of Allan and his regular visit to the village.

First Drive in Ratemate- Arupokhari
Sambhav Nepal drove the first vehicle (4WD Pajero) in Arupokhari-06, Ratemate Gorkha on 6th January 2010. People living in Arupokhari welcomed the first vehicle in their village offering red powders garlands and the bunch of flowers with music and dance along with the rhythm of Naumate Baja (Nepalese traditional musical instruments). This day turned as a historical day for them since this was the first day many of them saw the first vehicle in their own village.


Australian Ambassador’s Visit to Sambhav Nepal’s Projects

The Australian Ambassador to Nepal, Hon. Susan Grace, along with the DAP Coordinator Sanjana Pradhan and Sambhav Nepal’s chairman Mr. Prem K Khatry visited the project completed at Bhairabi School and at Dharapani School in Arupokhari (Gorkha). The newly constructed Bhairabi toilets and Dharapani Community Library buildings were inaugurated by the Ambassador during this event organized by the locals. Through this project more than 150 students of Bhairabi have benefited from the improved and advanced sanitation facilities which replaced the previous make-shift and dirty toilets. Likewise, the Dharapani library has the potential to serve hundreds, if not thousands, of locals (including four hundred students of Dharapani Secondary School have directly benefited from the same). The projects were approved by the Social Welfare Council under the aid of Australian Embassy and the Nepal School Project Fund (Sydney, Australia), Alan Waldon, Georgie, Cameron McCullagh, Richard Jackon. The Dharapani Library Project was approved by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) to have tax deductibility to our donors in Australia. In her speech, she expressed her gratitude to the effort and contribution put in by the donors, locals and Sambhav Nepal.

Inauguration of the Bhairabi Toilet Facility

Inauguration of the Dharapani Community Library

Building Construction Project in Bhairabi School Completed

The additional two roomed building construction project of Bhairabi Primary School has been completed. This project was approved by the Social Welfare Council under the financial support of Nepal School Project Fund – Sydney, Australia, withSambhav Nepal’s coordination. This school has continuously been supported by Allan J. Waldon, Richard Jackson, Nepal School Project Fund and other Australian donors to transform the school into a model modern school in Nepal in the coming days.

Located approximately 35 kms away Gorkha’s district headquarter, Bhairabi Primary School currently has about 150 students, five teachers and one supporting staff, and is taught in both English and Nepali medium. This school runs from the kindergarten level to the third grade at this moment.

Gorkha 2010 Project Launched

A team of Nepali students who recently graduated from U.S. colleges are helping to renovate Shanker School (Arupokhari – 8, Gorkha) and also bring the Dharapani Community Library (Arupokhari – 7, Gorkha) into operation. Their project is called The Energy for Education Project (also Gorkha2010 Project), funded by the Davis Foundation, a private American organization, through the Projects for Peace grant. Anuj Adhikary and Kaustubh Thapa are heading the project, and have launched collaborative tasks with Sambhav Nepal in promoting education in this Gorkha village.

The Gorkha 2010 Project entails demolition of the old building to construct a new, more advance one by the end of 2010.

Sambhav Nepal is providing field support to the Gorkha 2010 project in ameliorating the education infrastructure of Arupokhari village and the vicinity. The project is well underway as the team has accomplished some major landmarks of their objectives.

The First Community Library in Gorkha Successfully Constructed

Sambhav Nepal has completed the construction of Community Library Project in Dharapani Secondary School, Arupokhari- 7, Gorkha. This project was possible with the financial aid of the Nepal School Project Fund (Sydney, Australia), Alan Waldon, Georgie, Cameron McCullagh, Richard Jackon. The library was formally inaugurated by Hon. Susan Grace – the Australian Ambassador to Nepal on 20 May, 2010. The Dharapani Library Project was approved by the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) to provision tax deductibility for our Australian donors.

This library, which has the potential to serves locals from 12 village development committees of the region, is the only community library in entire Gorkha. The library currently houses some 1,000 books of various disciplines fit for this locality, and the organization is constantly seeking to increase the number of books in the library.

Sambhav Nepal highly appreciates donation of books for the Dharapani Community Library. Please email at [email protected] if you wish to contribute.

Construction for Toilets in Bhairabi Primary School Underway

Sambhav Nepal has started the construction Western-style toilet stalls in Bhairabi Primary School of Arupokhari, Gorkha. The project was sponsored by the Australian Embassy under the Direct Aid Program and the Nepal School Project Fund of Australia. The project was approved by the Social Welfare Council Nepal.

 After the completion of the project, around 150 students, 6 teachers and volunteers would directly benefit from this facility.

Bhairabi Primary School Toilet Project Completed

Sambhav Nepal has completed the toilet construction project at Bhairabi Primary School, Arupokhari-6, Ratemate, Gorkha. The Western-style toilets have five stalls in total. The project was sponsored by Australian Embassy under the Direct Aid Program (DAP) and Nepal School Project Fund (overseen by Alan Waldon and Richard Jackson). The project was approved by the Social Welfare Council on January 3, 2010.

The Australian Ambassador, Hon. Susan Grace, visited Arupokhari on May 20, 2010 to formally inaugurate and observe this project. She expressed her words of appreciation for the well completion of the project. Thanks to the Australian Embassy and the Nepal School Project for their untiring contribution of facilitating this school. Today, around 150 students, 7 staff members and volunteers can directly benefit from this project.