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1,920 aluminum sheets and 10,700 kg of rice distributed in Gorkha

Helping the Earthquake-destroyed Schools and Villages of Gorkha

Monday, 22 June 2015 05:34

Though it’s been nearly two months since the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 and more than a month since the 7.3-magnitude major aftershock of May 12, the victims haven’t got as much help as they need. The food supply is still inadequate. There is fear of landslides in the remote areas as monsoon has just begun. The affected villagers are living in a terrible situation. And despite schools have resumed after a month-long closure, temporary classrooms haven’t been fully built.

Recently our earthquake relief team made a visit to the northern Gorkha to help the victims. The visit was made to distribute corrugated aluminum sheets to the schools destroyed by the earthquake so that they can make temporary classrooms to teach students. And also to distribute rice, one of the main foods of Nepalese people.

Our team was made up of representatives from our own organization and Ace the Himalaya, one of our supporters and a trekking operator. It also included Prem K Khatry, our founder and managing director of Ace the Himalaya. And in addition, our team was joined by three kind-hearted people: Kenneth Levy (USA), Rachael Strick (Australia) and Sascha Kuster (Switzerland). They came to Nepal to hand us the fund they raised along with their friends. It has been used for temporary shelters of Gorkha schools. Plus a part of money we used to buy and distribute aluminum sheets and rice came from our other supporters and donors.  Our team visited altogether 8 schools in Gorkha. The names of the schoools along with the number of bundles of sheets we distributed to them are given below:

Dullav Higher Secondary School of Ghyampeshal village in Mashel VDC – 25 bundles

Durbar Higher Secondary School of Arupokhari village in Arupokhari VDC – 15 bundles
Indra Kanya Secondary School of Kalleri village in Aruarbang VDC – 20 bundles

Kalleei Lower Secondary School of Churung village in Arupokhari VDC – 10 bundles
Maikot Higher Secondary School of Takukot village in Taku VDC – 25 bundles

Sailiputri Higher Secondary School of PanchKhuwa Deurali VDC – 25 bundles

Sanskrit Higher Secondary School of Tandrang village in Tandrang VDC – 25 bundles

Each bundle has 12 sheets.

And in Aruarbang Village Development Committee, which is made up of 9 villages, we distributed a huge quantity of rice – 10,700 kg of rice (510 sacks).

We distributed 10,700 kg of rice in Aruarbang Village Development Committee.

The aid we provided is still not sufficient. The victims need more help from generous people from around the world. Apart from food supplies, they need help in rebuilding their houses and rebuilding the schools where their children study. If you want to help them, please visit our Donate page .

We heartly thanks all those who supported us by raising fund for us, by donating and by giving time and efforts in this time of deep sadness and great difficulty. We wish you success and well being in life!

A boy who injured his arm in earthquake
A boy who injured his arm in earthquake

Rice Distribution

Sheet Distribution to School